Tuesday, September 27, 2011


COPS IN Indiana remain tight-lipped on the weekend massacre that left 5 dead at two rural residences as residents cower in terror. Authorities have yet to reveal whether the slaughter was a domestic murder-suicide, drug related or a a criminal world settling of accounts. They refused to call it "a manhunt" suggesting either they know who the triggerman is or the killer is dead.
The dead have been identified as: Angie Napier, Roy Napier, their two adult children Melissa Napier and Jacob Napier, and their friend Henry Smith, whose body was found at a separate property nearby.
Family and neighbors talked about their own theories, ranging from angry family members turning on one another to an acquaintance allegedly killing them all in a dispute. Some speculated that drug activity, which they said had been prevalent in the area, may have been to blame.
Angie Napier's sister Teresa Richardson said the family had been involved in the drug trade. Cops arrived at the scene Sunday afternoon after a passerby found a 4-year-old girl walking a road near the Napier home. Police found the Napiers dead shortly after that, then found Smith's body at another residence.
Neighbor Kerry Wren said the area is awash in painkillers.She said: "This whole county is burning up with the pills." MORE FROM FOX NEWS

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