Monday, October 3, 2011


THE MAN suspected of being 'the twilight rapist' has been jailed for life, for the vicious sexual assault on a disabled older woman.   
Billy Joe Harris, broke into the home of the 59-year-old's assisted living facility in Edna, TX, where he carried out the horrific attack. 
Amazingly, the woman had her wits about her enough, to repeatedly scratch her attacker "in the hope of getting his DNA"  and her ploy worked. 
But when cops picked up the former prison worker, who mostly worked in the food service, he told them that the pair had been dating, even though he was married with a son. 
The jury didn't buy it taking less than 10 minutes to convict the man who cops believe is "The Twilight Rapist," so named because most of the attacks happened just before dawn.
According to the Victoria Advocate they think his DNA will link him to at least five more assaults or attempted assaults involving women aged between 65 and 91. 
Throughout the trial Harris, 54, claimed he suffered from a multiple personality disorder and his alter egos David the dog and Bobby had led him to attack.    
He also told jurors he had been sexually abused as a child, has three other personalities inside of him and has been visited by aliens several times. But prosecutors told jurors Harris' assertions of mental illness were a con, pointing to the fact that there was evidence of careful planning at the many crime scenes, including cut phone lines outside homes.
 After the sentence was handed down, victims presented their impact statements.
One told the court: "I was grossly violated in my private space. My home was violated. I was attacked in a way I will never forget.
"I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive him, but I have to try for my own soul."
The jury agreed, giving him life behind bars for his vicious crimes. 

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