Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A DASTARDLY pair of ham-burglars were left in a pickle, when a restaurant employee foiled their attempted robbery by sneaking out the back and taking their getaway car. 
Cops were easily able to ketchup with the pair, who ran into the Burger King in Stockton, CA brandashing guns and demanding cash. 
But as the two men were inside robbing the restaurant, another cashier snuck out the back where he noticed the suspects getaway car with the engine still running. 
Driving it away, he hid it round the corner and called the cops. 
Officers told CBS Sacramento that suspects Gabriel Gonzalez and Jeremy Lovitt panicked when they ran out and couldn't find the vehicle and ran into a nearby field.  Investigator Joel Silva told the station: "I haven't heard of any employee actually leaving the business, getting inside the vehicle and trying to hide it. 
"The quick action from his employee did allow our officers to get to the scene and arrest the suspects."
However, he recommended that people being robbed should simply comply with the thieves for their own safety. 

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