Thursday, October 2, 2014

Utah mom drove son to shooting: 'Did you get them?'

Lisa Egersdorf is totally going for Mother of the Year. What other mom would pick up her teenage son from high school and doing the driving while kiddo shot at rival gang members he was fighting with?
Cops say Egersdorf's son, Damian Garcia told the very picture of matronly goodness: "Mom, they just jumped me." She replied: "It's all right, we're going to get them." Game. Set. Match. Right?
 Cops say Egersdorf-- also called "Ma" -- even asked the 17-year-old after he fired several shots at the rivals' car: "Did you get them?" No one was hurt, except perhaps a mother's pride. Detectives said that Egersdorf admitted that she and her son are members of a gang but didn't pull the trigger.
She has a long criminal history. Check out the tatt. MORE FROM ABC NEWS

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