Friday, September 16, 2011


SHERRY MARINO has always had doubts that her son Michael was one of sick serial killer John Wayne Gacy's 33 victims. In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times she reveals that she hopes a DNA test may at last reveal the truth and put her mind to ease. Michael vanished on Oct. 24, 1976 when he was 14. Almost four years later he was identified as one of Gacy's 33 victims, stuffed under the floors of his Chicago area home. On Thursday, her lawyer, Robert M. Stephenson, filed a petition in Cook County Circuit Court seeking to allow her to have the body exhumed from Queen of Heaven Cemetery. New evidence has raised questions about whether investigators had
misidentified the body in 1980.  Stephenson said: “We need to do a DNA test to learn the truth."
Gacy was arrested on Dec. 21, 1978, and cops then made the horrific discovery of the bodies of 29 boys and men on his property. Immediately after the grisly discovery, Marino says she provided dental records and X-rays of her missing son. But it wasn’t until March 1980 that investigators publicly identified Michael and one of his friends, Kenneth Parker, as two of the victims whose bodies were found next to each other. They were Gacy’s youngest victims. And they had been reported missing on the same day.

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