Friday, September 16, 2011


HONESTLY!!! What is it with costume clad douchebags having run in's with the law. As we reported yesterday the dumb Gumby, who tried and failed to rob a convenience store has now handed himself in. But now Spongebob has left his pineapple under the sea to pick a fight with two women on Hollywood Boulevard, as you can see here. 

It's thought he might be posing as the character to in the hope that tourists will tip him, but the pink haired women were clearly unimpressed with his yellow costume.
What was said is unclear, but it quickly came to blows, with one of them raining in a flurry of punches and kicks. 
Cops quickly arrived and all three were ordered to lean against a bus and 'spread 'em' while they were searched.

City rules in Los Angeles allow for people to tip characters, but they prohibit characters them from demanding payment. 
 According to police, there have been several run-ins recently where the 'character' has aggressively demanded money after the photo has been taken, but they would not say if that was the case this time.
All three were released without charge.

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