Friday, September 16, 2011


A YOUNG mom smothered her twin sons to death in a desperate bid to hide the birth from her family, cops say.
Lindsey Lowe, 25, held her hands over her defenseless tots mouths and suffocated them to death, just moments after she gave birth to them in the toilet of her parent's Hendersonville, TN home.
Then with both children dead, police said, she took them out of the toilet, covered them with blankets and hid them in a laundry basket.
Her father discovered one of the infants Wednesday and called police, who tracked her down at work.
According to the police affadavit: "Lowe stated that the baby was crying and Lowe did not want her parents to hear and find out about the child.
"She stated that she put her hand over the child's mouth and she stated that she kept it there until the child was dead, which was a couple of minutes."
They added that both boys appeared to be full terms and weighed about five or six pounds. 
Lowe, who hadn't told her parents or visited a doctor during her pregnancy has now been charged with first degree murder.
Both friends and family were shocked that the women described by many as a "sweet, upbeat girl" could perform such a horrific crime. 
Kailee Henson, who was her sorority sister told The Tennessean: “She was always such a sweet, upbeat girl who had such a great life.
"She was always really involved, everyone always looked up to her. You would never think in a million years she could do something like that.”

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