Friday, September 16, 2011


WE'VE heard of deadwood on a night out, but this gruesome twosome dragged their dead pal into a car and then headed out for a night of bar hopping, cops say.
Jeffrey Jarrett died last month, but that didn't stop his friends from thinking he would be the life and soul of the party.
Robert Young and Mark Rubinson were either unaware or didn't care that their pal had passed away.
So they loaded the 43-year-old's corpse into their car they hit bars in Denver and Aurora, CO before finally taking him home.
Rubinson, 25 and Young, 43, then ended the night at Shotgun Willies in Glendale where they drank on their deceased friends tab, before taking $400 out of his account.
Even Weirder, on their way home, they flagged down a cop and told him they thought their friend was dead at his house.
Jarrett's family were appalled by their callous actions against the man they described as a loving father, Colorado State graduate and hockey player.
One of them, who did not wish to be identified told CBS Denver she was devastated by the actions against Jarrett who was found dead by a relative on August 27.
Oddly, the relative didn't call for help and Jarrett's death is still being investigated. 
She said: “I’m horrified, I’m absolutely, I can’t even put in to words, I can’t imagine anybody thinking that maybe their friend is in trouble and not calling 911."
Family members still don’t know what caused Jarrett’s death but they say the circumstances surrounding it are still hard to believe.
She added: “It’s terrible, it’s just something that we’re really having trouble coming to terms with."

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