Friday, September 16, 2011


A FORMER Russian surgeon turned cold-blooded killer is a twisted plot to steal their identities was hammered with 30 years in prison. Dmitriy Yakovlev was convicted of killing translator Irina Malezhik in 2007 and jewel importer Viktor Alexseyev, right. His body was found a year later in a New Jersey forest:
dismembered. Malezhik has never been found, the only trace was a pair of her underwear from the killer's apartment in Brooklyn. U.S. Attorney James Gatta said: "The defendant, for lack of a better way of putting it, is a serial killer."
After the pair vanished, Yakolev and his wife Julia committed fraud using the dead pair's bank and credit cards. He is also suspected of murdering former police mechanic Michael Klein who vanished after selling a home to Yakolev's pal.  'SERIAL' KILLER YAKOLEV GETS 30 YEARS

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