Friday, September 26, 2014

Chinese smuggler Kai Xu had 51 turtles in pants

Where are the Ninja Turtles when you need them? In another case of, geez, don't you have any respect for animals -- think rhinos, elephants an tigers -- a Canadian man was arrested in Detroit with 51 live turtles stuffed down his pants. Kai Xu --yep --was busted by U.S. Wildlife officers. "During the secondary inspection, Xu was found to have 51 live turtles tapped (sic) to his person," Kenneth Adams, a special agent with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, stated in an affidavit outlining the criminal complaint. "Specifically, Xu had 41 turtles tapped (sic) to his legs and 10 hidden between his legs."

Brittany Navarra guilty in Krista Pike murder

Brittany Navarra, left, has been found guilty of the evil murder of her perceived love rival, Krista Pike, 18, in 2008. It took the Modesto jury less than an hour to reach their verdict. Just 16 at the time, cops said jealousy drove Navarra to plan the murder and convince beau Dustin Gran to kill Krista who once dated another of Navarra's ex-beaus. The defence said it was ANOTHER girl who was really the mastermind. The jury didn't buy it.
At the time, cops said: "There is a scorned-love thing going here."
Verdict: Brittany is evil and will be sentenced next week.

FOREIGN 1: Killers had sex with Paige Chivers corpse

Handout Image. Use is subject to restrictions and may need permission from a third party. Please call +44 (0)115 8447 447 for further information before using this Image.British cops have unraveled a 7-year-old cold case that's stomach-churning in its twisted nature. Cops say they have charged Robert Ewing, 59, and Gareth Dewhurst, 45, in the mysterious disappearance and murder of Paige Chivers, 15, from her Blackpool home. Ewing gets the murder beef... Dewhurst had sex with her dead body. They were arrested earlier this week, the Daily Mirror reports.
Her body has never been found and detectives were tight-lipped on what led to the charge. Reports say she had been distraught over the death of her mom 6 months before she vanished.
Shockingly, her father Frank was murdered last year.

MUGSHOT MANIA! Can someone tell us: He or she?

Is she or isn't she? Man or woman? That's one mystery we here at Crime Scene USA just can't solve. Help would be appreciated!

Cops: Burglar shoots partner after fight over goods

Another day, another partnership ends badly, but this time a burglar fatally shot his buddy after an argument about how to split up the goods they'd stolen, according to South Carolina cops. 
Cops said Wayne Jeffcoat and grabbed a gun they'd stolen during burglaries the pair had committed and shot Steven Boone, 41, through his chest. 
The bullet his heart, according to the coroner's office. 
Wayne 46, has been charged with his murder and is currently in Lexington County Jail.    

FBI: Only 'a dozen' U.S. extremist fighters in Syria

Only around a dozen American are fighting with extremist groups in Syria, according to FBI Director James Comey.
He told reporters: "When I use a number of more than 100, that means people who have gone and come back, people who have gone and stayed.
"The figure I've been operating with is, ballparkish, a dozen still fighting there with terrorist group."

Coach Kenneth Carroll 'sexually abused' kids: Cops

A pervy former football coach who allegedly sexually abused members of was held on $1 million bail on multiple charges.
Unable to cough up the cash, Kenneth Scott Carroll, 42, was sent to Oregon's Clackamas County jail on nine counts of sexual abuse, sodomy and unlawful sexual penetration. He was extradited from Montana earlier this week.
Sheriff's investigators said they had identified four victims and they were looking for more. They added that Clark is suspected of abusing between 1998 and 2002 in the town of Colton where he coached boys wrestling and football teams.

Robbery suspect shoots partner's foot on heist

Spencer and Vlatch also known as Dumb and dumber. 
As a partner in crime this is definitely not the guy you want. 
Erick Vlatch is now in custody on suspicion of committing a home invasion robbery after he was shot in the foot by his pal Jeremy Spencer. 
Cops told The Santa Cruz Sentinel that "when they don't have their story straight, they make something up on the spot," adding that is "not very hard for us to unravel." 
The pair were already tied to a robbery in the same area and the same time that Vlatch told deputies he'd been shot. 
So they booked the 24-year-old and his 19-year-old pal on numerous felonies.