Friday, October 24, 2014

Confirmed: Body is Virginia co-ed Hannah Graham's

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- The human remains found in rural Virginia have confirmed everyone's worst fears: it's Hannah Graham. Graham, 18, vanished Sept. 13 after a night of partying with pals. The remains were discovered 12 miles from the University of Virginia campus. The state's medical examiner confirmed the body was Graham's.
The man Graham was last seen with, 32-year-old suspected serial killer Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr. who has been charged with abduction with intent to defile Graham.

Pakistan cannibal brothers used boy, 3, in 'curry'

BHAKKAR DISTRICT, PAKISTAN -- Pakistan is going to outlaw cannibalism [it was LEGAL?] after two brothers were arrested for digging up more than 100 corpses and making a 'human curry.'  Cannibal brothers Mohammad Arif Ali, 35, and Mohammad Farman Ali, 30, were nabbed in April trying to make cannibalistic culinary delights. Now, "robbing graves for such purposes would see perpetrators facing a mandatory jail sentence of ten years to life, and at least seven for eating human flesh." The Ali brothers were busted again earlier this year after cops found the head of a boy, 3, in their home. On the stove was a human curry. Neighbors noticed a bad smell.
District police chief, Ameer Abdullah, said:  "Residents informed police after a stench emanated from the house of the two brothers. We raided the house on Monday morning and found the head of a young boy." MORE FROM THE DAILY MAIL

MUGSHOT MANIA: Down from the mount in handcuffs

Religious persecution? Maybe. But we do know that this wizened old traveler had a spot of trouble.

Cops: serial killer Darren Vann killed for $300, crack

The body of Anith Jones was found on Saturday. | ProvidedGARY, INDIANA -- Accused serial killer Darren Deon Vann told cops that a hit man paid him $300 and gave him two eight balls of crack cocaine to murder an Indiana woman. So far, the suspected serial killer who preyed on sex workers in Chicago's southern suburbs has been charged with two slayings. Cops say Vann was asked to "disappear" Anith Jones, 35  -- her body was found last Saturday.
The Chicago Sun-Times said: But the document does offer a grim account of how Vann groomed Jones for weeks to build trust, lured her to a Gary home under the guise of pay-for-sex, and then strangled her with a cord.
It also details how Vann stuffed her body in a garbage can and drove it to a vacant home and hid it in the basement under a pile of teddy bears and tires.

Alabama couple get 1,500 years in jail for child porn

FLORENCE, ALABAMA -- A twisted couple who sexually abused a young girl, produced thousands of sickening pornographic images of the child and tried to pimp her out have been sentenced to hundreds of years in prison.  Evil Patricia Ayers is sentenced to 1,590 years in prison while her hubby, Matthew Ayers, was sentenced to 750 years.
"I have been on the bench since 1998, and this is the worst case I have personally dealt with, including murders,” U.S. District Judge L. Scott Coogler told the defendants. "You robbed this child of her childhood and her soul, and a maximum sentence is the only sentence appropriate."

Superb commentary on Canada terror attack

OTTAWA -- Legendary Canadian commentator delivers an eloquent essay on the terror attack in Ottawa where a wannabe jihadi shot Cpl. Nathan Cirillo in the back. His words are applicable to Americans and freedom-loving people everywhere.

Bristol Palin fears: Brawl 'was scary and infuriating'

ANCHORAGE -- Brawling Bristol Palin said that a scrap involving her family started "when a friend got knocked out from a cheap shot" from a man who tweeted "about to get famous." 
The Alaskan beauty said that she stepped in after her sister Willow, who had challenged the man's mom, was attacked by the woman.
"A grown woman pushed my little sister," she wrote on the Patheos website, adding that she was in a car when a tearful Willow ran out to tell her what happened.

Mozart Boob Twerk Girl gets death threats

A tattooed model who became a Youtube sensation after she posted a video of her moving her breasts in sync with Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik said she has been getting death threats.

NBA Star Blake Griffin 'hit man in fight over phone'

NBA star Blake Griffin allegedly slammed a guy in a nightclub fight over the man's camera phone, Las Vegas cops said. 
The Los Angeles Clippers star got into it early Sunday morning after an exhibition game against the Denver Nuggets. 
The victim said the basketball star hit him during the scuffle, said Las Vegas Metro Police Dept spokesperson Jose Hernandez, who added that the investigation was ongoing.  

Roksana Sikorski plotted to kill parents; they forgive

DETROIT -- A 15-year-old girl who stabbed her kid brother and plotted to kill her parents with her older boyfriend still has their support. 
Roksana Sikorski has been charged as an adult for the attack on her 12-year-old sibling, who survived despite being stabbed in the throat.
But her mom Laurene told WDIV that she suffers from mental illness and was under the spell of 23-year-old Michael Rivera, who they had filed a statutory rape complaint against.
"I think she just thought this guy loved her and she wanted to do whatever he told her," Laurene Sikorski told the station. "She was very vulnerable and she as a mental disorder. I want to make sure she gets help."