Thursday, November 3, 2011


A MARYLAND woman was convicted of first-degree murder in the sinister slaying of her co-worker at a trendy Lulu Lemon Athletica yoga clothes outlet. Brittany Norwood, 27, will likely spend the rest of her life in prison for the March slaying that killed co-worker Jayna Murray, 30. Murray had a staggering 331 stabbing and beating wounds.
State's Attorney John McCarthy underlined the brutality: "This was a brutal, slow attack.It's simple math, an injury was inflicted every 3 seconds. You’d be doing this for 16 minutes nonstop." Then
Norwood staged an elaborate coverup and concocted a story about two masked men attacking the duo. Cops who came the next day found Murray dead in a back hallway. Norwood was in a bathroom, tied up with blood on her face and “periodically moaning.” Norwood said she was raped and a man threatened to slit her throat. Her story quickly unraveled. MORE IN THE WASHINGTON POST

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