Saturday, May 21, 2011


MAD Marni Yang has been sentenced to life for the "cold and calculated" murder of the pregnant girlfriend of former Chicago Bears defensive back Shaun Gayle.
Rhoni Reuter "didn't stand a chance" after her bitterly jealous love rival plotted her death with the ruthless efficiency of a trained killer.
As we reported here, prosecutors said Yang who was "obsessed with" Gayle, feared that Reuter's pregnancy was a "game changer and he would leave her because of it.
So she started to plan her execution.
Buying a book on Amazon called "How to Make Disposable Silencers" she then bought all the parts needed to smother the sound of a gunshot, crime scene technicians testified here.
She also got shooting lessons from her ex boyfriend, Cook County Sheriff’s deputy, Salvador Devera he testified here
Then after having sex with Gayle the night before, she rented a car, donned a disguise and went round to Reuter's Deerfield, IL condo.
Blasting her six times, as we reported here Reuter tried to shield her fetus, who she had named Skylar, but Yang made sure the baby didn't survive, aiming directly at her stomach.
Then, with the help of her so called friend, self described psychic Christi Paschen, she disposed of the evidence.
Initially detectives were baffled, but almost a year after the murder cops returned to question Paschen and she broke down, confessing to her role in disposing of the evidence.
She agreed to wear a wire and during a conversation in a a restaurant they got the break they needed here as Marni confessed to the killing.
Yang told her she: “Pushed the door opened and stepped inside and kept shooting,”
She also described spotting an ultrasound photo of Reuter’s baby on the refrigerator and had also mentioned seeing baby clothes piled on a dining-room table and said she took a bracelet she saw lying on a counter.
It was enough to convince the jury, who took just four hours to deliver their guilty verdict.
Reuter's brother, Thad, said in March that the verdict and sentencing provide some closure for his family.
He said: "Knowing that someone is behind bars for life for what they've done for my sister will help in the healing process for us.