Wednesday, November 2, 2011


THE COUPLE called by cops persons of interest in the grisly slaying of 16-year-old Alexis Rasmussen were involved in a drugged-up sexually-charged relationship teen, court records suggest. Police sources say a sex game gone awry led to the girl's death. Alexis vanished Sept. 10 after babysitting for Eric and Dea Millerberg in North Ogden, Utah. Her body was found Oct. 18 after detectives received a tip.
One witness told cops a 16-year-old girl had sought sex from the couple. It was not immediately clear from the news accounts whether the witness was referring to Rasmussen. On Oct. 9, cops searched the Millerberg's home and found traces of human blood in an area where carpet had been removed.
A witness said after Alexis disappeared: "Dea knows everything that happened. The girl is buried somewhere in the state, she's not gone, but not alive." SUSPECT COUPLE'S SEX AND DRUGS

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